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Scratch Map Original

Presenting our Scratch Map Original; the first scratch map poster we ever designed and the product that launched the Luckies brand. We LOVE scratch maps and when you look at them you can tell the passion that has gone into creating them. This original world map poster is still our bestselling product today and has birthed many spin off editions.

We can see why this scratch off map is a favorite with our customers; it makes a beautiful, thoughtful and personal gift for someone with a thirst for travel, whether they are regular Jetsetter or someone at the very beginning of planning their first trip across the globe. It makes the perfect traveling gift for a gap year student, a birthday gift for someone who travels a lot for work, or a Christmas present for anyone who has been making their travel bucket list.

Our original scratch map features a gold foil top layer for you to scratch off once a country has been visited, to reveal the beautifully vibrant colors and detail beneath, making it the ultimate personal travel record. Taking off the gold foil also reveals amazing facts about our world and the entire scratch map rolls up and comes packaged in a super high quality matte finish tube.

The Scratch Map Original makes the perfect house warming gift as once they’ve scratched off all the countries they’ve visited, they can hang it on their new wall where it makes a beautifully artistic feature and a great talking point for dinner parties!

Luckies invented the original Scratch Map in 2009 and there have been many poor imitations since. Avoid disappointment and embarrassment (remember the kid at school who had the fake Adidas trainers?!) by ensuring you buy the real deal.

Here’s why you shouldn’t get tricked into buying a copy, recreation or fake version of the Scratch Map Original:

Authenticity: Luckies invented the concept so you get the original and best scratch maps designed in their purest form.

– Quality: We use the best producers and processes on earth to make our scratch map posters, so you can be sure that you’re buying the finest quality products with maximum integrity.

– Passion: Our award winning design team put more love and passion into each and every scratch map design than our imitators could muster in a lifetime!