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Scratch Map XL, large map of the world you can personalize


If you’re a map fanatic like us, you’ll know that it’s the bigger the better when it comes to owning your own map of the world. We like ours big enough to lay flat on a table and push miniature figurines of ourselves around on, re-enacting our latest traveling expedition with an audience of fine friends and a large glass of port. But each to their own. If it’s big you want, you won’t find a larger personalized map of the world than our Scratch Map XL.

A Large map of the world you can personalize, the Scratch Map XL is an enormous version of our original Scratch Map. Simply scratch off the countries you have visited to reveal the vibrant colors below and create your own ultimate personal travel record.

This Giant map of the world is printed on gloss finish paper with gold scratch off foil over the countries, it’s sheer size means that it’s a bold statement to hang on your wall at home and certainly wouldn’t go unnoticed.

If you know someone who’s off on a big globetrotting adventure soon, or maybe they’re in the midsts of planning their GAP year, or perhaps they’re just one of those lucky people whose job requires them to Jetset from hotel room to hotel room across the globe, then this large map of the world with countries would make the ultimate traveling gift for them to personalize and keep as a permanent reminder of all the incredible place they have been.

Perhaps a good friend or family member has just bought their first home and has suddenly found themselves with a large flat or house to furnish? This large map of the world would make a wonderful housewarming gift and would go a long way in covering an entire bare wall in one go.

Perhaps you’re one of those travel obsessed people yourself, forever making travel bucket lists of places you’d like to see. Well, then no one would blame you for buying one of these for yourself as a not-so-little gift to feed your passion. Be careful though; you’ll soon find yourself wanting to scratch off every last inch of the earth!