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Scratch Maps and Travel Journal Ideas: Enjoy Travelling in a New Way

It’s fair to assume that the technology present in the modern world helps us make travel plans with ease.

However, there can be obstacles in place when it comes to finding out more about the world.

Although digital iterations of maps serve a purpose, the use of a tactile map will always offer a better idea of scale.

A physical map can also help make journeys more immersive, but a conventional map won’t allow those with a love of travel to document their journeys in a fun way.

The first Scratch Map was released back in 2009 and has been a popular gift idea ever since. Its popularity has been so great that a series of other Scratch Maps have been created to appeal to many different personalities.

As well as an abundance of innovative Scratch Maps, there are also several takes on the travel journal design that again offer more practicality when it comes to making plans and taking notes when travelling.

Scratch Map USA Landmarks

The Scratch Map USA Landmarks is the perfect way of keeping track of your visits to some of the most iconic landmarks in the USA.

Regardless of whether you’re visiting the Space Needle in Seattle or the Statue of Liberty in New York, you can easily update the Scratch Map USA Landmarks by removing the foil panel.

Even those that are unsure of which USA landmark they should visit first can use the Scratch Map USA Landmarks for some inspiration.

Once you’ve finished visiting all the USA Landmarks, you can display the Scratch Map USA Landmarks easily using the dedicated Hang! solution.

Scratch Map Capitals

Capital cites ae popular among those that are looking for the ultimate representation of a company, so it’s understandable why some may make it their mission to visit as many capital cities as possible.

Paris, Dublin, London and an abundance of capitals are showcased in a luxurious aesthetic, and those travelling can simply scratch away the foil corresponding to the capital city.

Even those planning a trip to a capital city for the first time can benefit from the Scratch Map Capitals.

Not only does the Scratch Map Capitals offer the same accurate information you would find on a conventional map, but it also offers information about the many capitals situated around the world.

This information can mean that deciding which capital to visit first is never a chore.

Scratch Globe

The Scratch Globe is the three-dimensional iteration of the iconic Scratch Map that can still be updated with ease.

Constructing the Scratch Globe couldn’t be easier and doesn’t require the use of glue or scissors.

Those using the Scratch Globe will find that updating the countries they’ve visited is just as easy as the Scratch Map Original and can be displayed with ease.

If you’re looking for a gift for someone that already has a Scratch Map, or just want to compliment the Scratch Map to create the ultimate travel experience, then the Scratch Globe can be the perfect addition.

Adventure Journal

Although a Scratch Map is a useful tool when it comes to planning holidays, there will be some that are looking to take their travel plans to the next level.

Those with a sense of adventure will often have different plans to those visiting popular destinations and will want to ensure that the journal they have to hand is suitable for the type of travels they will be embarking on.

The Adventure Journal not only offers 64 pages for notes, lyrics, poems and any other creative thoughts that occur during your travels but also acts as a brilliant source of inspiration thanks to there being over 300 bucket list adventures to choose form.

There are even eight mini Scratch Maps included ensuring that there is always a source of inspiration as well as novel way of keeping track of your travels contained within one journal.


The art of colouring is one that is still used to wind down and find some respite. As such, those looking to make travel plans may prefer the calm and quiet approach of colouring in the destination they wish to visit as opposed to the hustle and bustle of a travel agent.

Similarly, those that will be travelling using several modes of transport will want to ensure that they’re able to stay occupied without having to rely on technology.

Regardless of whether you’re wanting to make travel plans in a novel way or want to ensure that you have an original way of keeping track of your travels, then the Colorlogue is the journal you’re looking for.

The Colorlogue comes with its own protective wallet and five coloured pencils so you can get started on your travel plans straight away.

The selection of Scratch Maps and Travel Journals available ensures that there is always an exciting way of planning and keeping track of your adventures abroad.