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Scratch Maps Are the Perfect Geography Gifts for Adults

When searching for gifts, there are times when the gift buying process is a complete breeze.

However, there can be other instances where searching for presents can be more difficult, especially if you’re looking for geography gifts for adults.

The Scratch Map range was created in 2009 and since then a wide choice of designs have been released, meaning that those searching for geography gifts for adults have access to a wide selection of gift ideas.

The following is an overview of some of the fun and immersive Scratch Maps available.

Scratch Map Original

Those purchasing a Scratch Map for the first time may want to start with the map that started it all, and the Scratch Map Original is available in three different guises.

As well as the original release, there is also a framed edition of the map, as well as a travel-sized Scratch Map.

As well as being able to enjoy a beautiful aesthetic, the Scratch Map Original offers a new and immersive way of planning holidays and keeping track of the treks made so far, making it a great geography gift for adults.

Scratch Map Chalk Edition

Sometimes, the reasons that people are searching for geography gifts for an adult is because of their profession.

For example, those searching for gifts for geography teachers or cartographers will want to ensure that their personality is captured in the gift they give, and this is easily done with the Scratch Map Chalk Edition.

Offering a retro-inspired blackboard design, the Scratch Map Chalk Edition can be used in a series of ways and personalised with a few

Scratch Map UK and Ireland

As well as being able to offer geography gifts for adults that focus on the world on a global scale, there are also a series of Scratch Maps that focus on other areas, as made evident by the Scratch Map UK and Ireland.

As then the name of the map entails, the Scratch Map UK and Ireland has a primary focus on the UK and Ireland, making it the ideal geography gift for adults with roots in either location.

Of course, you don’t have to be a local to enjoy what the Scratch Map UK and Ireland has to offer.

The Scratch Map UK and Ireland offer an abundance of information each time a foil panel is removed, meaning that it’s also a great geography gift for adults that are looking for to become more knowledgeable about the UK and Ireland overall.

Scratch Map Backpacker Edition

If you’re looking for a geography gift for adults with a difference, then why not explore your adventurous side with the Scratch Map Backpacker Edition.

The Scratch Map Backpacker Editions offers everything you need to when it comes to geography gifts for adults with a twist.

This version of the iconic Scratch Map is more mobile in nature and comes complete with a blank map on the reverse so notes can be taken easily, regardless of whether you’re flying by air, rail or automobile.

If you’re searching for a gift for someone that’s looking to spend their time exploring what the great wide world had t offer, then why not give the gift of the Scratch Map Backpacker Edition.

Scratch Map Oceans

When searching for geography gifts for adults, people won’t always want a Scratch Map that’s focused on dry land.

Fear not, as the Scratch Map Oceans is a map that has everything that nautical fans are looking for.

The Scratch Map Oceans is printed on transparent acetate making it a great aesthetic that sits with the aquatic theme perfectly.

There’s also an abundance of features such as information on large bodies of water, as well as a country key to help identify smaller countries.

Scratch Map of the F*#?ing World

Searching for gifts for adults will mean looking at several different options to ensure that we’re purchasing a gift that sits well with someone’s personality.

The Scratch Map of the F*#?ing is a risqué take on the Scratch Map that focuses on curse words.

If you’re looking for geography gifts for adults whose language can be a little questionable at times, then why not consider the Scratch Map of the F*#?ing World as a gift idea.

To identify the different, swear words around the world, simply scratch off the foil panels.

Don’t worry if some of the curse words happen to be a mouthful, as a handy translation guide is in place to ensure that you’re never having difficulty when it comes to pronouncing the more difficult exotic swear words.

Those searching for geography gift for adults will find everything they’re looking for with the Scratch Map range and be confident that the gift you give is one that will be held dear in years to come.