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Some of the most notable Scratch off Maps

Despite the familiarity of maps, not everyone will be aware of some of the original approaches taken when it comes to their design. Although a map may not be the first thing that springs to mind when it comes to gift ideas, the Scratch Map range is one that offers all the features you’d expect to find on a normal map, as well as some additional features that make the Scratch Map the perfect gift idea.

The Scratch Map was first introduced back in 2009 and people soon became fond of the original nature of the map. The Scratch Map not only offers the same information in relation to the many locations but also offer further information that can help enrichen the travelling experience.

Although the Scratch Map Original was proven to be popular on its release, it’s not long before there were requests for further designs. Over the years the Scratch Map range has introduced a series of different map designs that are perfect gift ideas in many situations. An overview of some of the Scratch Maps available is as follows:

Scratch Map Original Travel

The popularity of the Scratch Map Original soon meant that travellers were keen for a product that can be taken with them when travelling. As such the Scratch Map Original was born, which offers all the same features as the original, only in a smaller form factor.

Measuring a mere 42 x 29.7 cm, the Scratch Map Original Travel can be transported with ease, and still look as good on display on your return.  

Scratch Map Wild World

The Scratch Map Wild World is the perfect example of how an interested can be easily blended with the innovative design of the Scratch Map to offer a gift idea that really is unlike no other.

The world is represented animal icons which allow animal lovers to learn everything they need to know about what type of wildlife can be found around the world.

As well as being a great gift idea for grown-up animal lovers, the Scratch Map Wild World is also adored by children. As children navigate their wat around the Scratch Map Wild World, they’re also brushing up on their geography skills, whether they’re aware of it or not.

Scratch Map Gourmet

Finding the right gift for a foodie can be difficult at times, especially for those are wanting to offer something original as a gift idea. Fortunately, the Scratch Map can once again offer the perfect gift idea in the form of the Scratch Map Gourmet.

As the name of entails, the Scratch Map gourmet has a focus on food all over the world, making it the perfect gift for those that love to taste new treats when travelling the globe.

As well as being the perfect gift for travellers, the Scratch Map Gourmet is also the perfect present for those looking for inspiration in the kitchen, as removing the foil for each section of the map allows the user to find out a series of information about their favourite international dishes.

Scratch Map Clear

As well as being able to offer designs that appease different interests, the Scratch Map range can also cater to those looking for more innovation in relation to the design of the map.

The Scratch Map Clear is printed on clear acetate that gives the illusions of different countries disappearing as they’re removed. The same information and features of other Scratch Maps are still present but are offered in one of the most original aesthetic that Scratch Map series has released to date.

Scratch Map USA Landmarks

Although those will want a good overview of the world when looking at a map, others may prefer the subject matter to be more focused on their plans, as seen with the Scratch Map USA Landmarks.

The creation of the Scratch Map series has led many travellers to use them as a checklist when visiting different parts of the world, and the Scratch Map USA Landmarks is designed with those wanting to see the Statue of Liberty as well as the many other landmarks easily.

Those keen to embark on American adventure can find out everything they need to know with the Scratch Map USA Landmarks while ensuring that they have a useful way of keeping track of the landmarks visited so far.