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The Many Benefits of a Framed Scratch Map

When looking at maps, there are plenty of choices available, at least to a certain extent. While there is nothing wrong with the conventional design of maps, it’s safe to say that they’re not to everybody’s tastes.

Fortunately, there are maps available that not only allow you to learn about different counties, but also ensure that it doesn’t look out place among the décor.
A framed scratch-map can fit so many situations, and it’s the perfect gift for that special person who enjoys travelling.

Encouragement for Exams

When children take exams, it can be a very stressful time. Should everything go to plan, many will look to take their next step in the world and go travelling.
A framed scratch-map can be the ideal incentive for those sitting their exams, acting as a reminder of what they’ve got to look forward to following the hard.
Taking exams means a lot of study, but this doesn’t mean it’s not good for morale to look at what the future has to offer.

Celebrate an Anniversary

Regardless of whether a couple met in a particular country, or are from two different countries altogether, a framed scratch map can be the ideal way of celebrating the union.
Simply scratch off the countries of relevant and offer a gift that will be cherished for the long-term.

Plan Your Bucket List

Those who are keen to travel will have probably created some form of bucket list in the past, only to find that you’ve misplaced the list moments later. This can mean that despite all good intentions, we’re never meeting our travel goals.

Framed scratch maps are more prominent and alluring than a notepad and being on display will mean that it’s more likely that you’re taking action in relation to the travelling aspect of your bucket list.
Not only can it inspire you to move forward with your travel plans, it can also offer additional information not seen on conventional maps.

Brilliant for Birthdays

A framed scratch-map can be the ideal birthday present in so many ways. For fans of travel and the world in general, it can make for a great replacement to a conventional map, meaning that they have something practical as well as premium.
Those planning to give travel vouchers as presents can offer the framed scratch-map as an accompaniment.
The scratch map is also a great way of celebrating heritage, especially if they’ve moved from their hometown. Offering a gift that looks back on their roots is something that will strike a chord with family and close friends.

Excellent for the Office

It stands to reason that any business will want to ensure that its premises look professional. While some businesses may invest in expensive art, a framed scratch map can still look modern and professional, at the fraction of the price.
In fact, for what could potentially be spent on one piece of artwork, the business will find that its able to purchase a series of different maps, each with their own unique design, and offer a comfortable environment that still has the professional touch.

Cost-Effective Solutions for Schools

Although its safe to say that schools have adopted technology as part of their everyday working practices, that’s not to say there isn’t room for more traditional teaching methods now and again.
A framed scratch map can be a great ways of tracking progress of the children’s knowledge in relation to different countries, and some are even designed in a way that can help children recap.

What’s more, as the map is in a frame, it’s not going to be subjected to the same wear-and-tear as an everyday map.
Framed maps can offer so much to people, regardless of whether they enjoy travelling or just want to find out more about the world around them.