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The Scratch Map Concept

The concept of maps will be something that almost everyone is familiar with, regardless of whether it’s the digital iterations we see with a smartphone or the tactile maps of yesteryear many of us will have used at school.

However, there’s much more to the world of maps than people assume, and many are surprised to find that when scratching the surface, they’re introduced to a world of exciting new gift ideas that while travel-inspired, also do a stellar job of being the perfect gift experience in almost every instance.

What Is a Scratch Map?

A Scratch Map is an innovative take on the conventional map design that allows for a greater level of immersion and personalisation.

The Scratch Map Series offers several different designs that cover all sorts of subjects including animals, languages and food.

Each time a country is visited, users can scratch way the foil panels of a Scratch Map to record this and find out more about the destination. There are also instances where some may prefer to use the Scratch Map for planning trips. The possibilities are endless.

Reasons to a Buy Scratch Map

Given the many ways in which a Scratch Map can be used it should come as no surprise that they’re often used for a series of different gift ideas. The following is an overview in some of the great ways Scratch Map are great gift ideas for everyone.

Amazing Anniversary Gift

If you’re searching for an anniversary gift that can help a happy couple remember some of their favourite locations, then what better way than with the Scratch Map. There are even Framed Scratch Maps that can be personalised for a gift that will be adored.

A Great Gift with Educational Value

Children love the Scratch Map because of how immersive and fun they are, but there’s also an education element that makes a Scratch Map the perfect educational gift for children.

For example, the Scratch Map Wild World can help children become more familiar with the different types of wildlife around the world and the Scratch Map Hello can help them become more accustomed to a new language.

A Perfect Present for Avid Travellers

The love of travel is something that is shared by the masses, and the Scratch Map range has a huge range of gift ideas that are perfect for all types of travellers, regardless of whether they’re embarking on a cruise or treading off the beaten path with backpacking.

A Wonderful Wedding Gift

When a couple gets married, it’s not unusual to have a lot of plans when it comes to travelling. Those looking for a unique wedding gift that also has a personalised touch will find that that the Scratch Map series can offer just what they’re looking for, including a Scratch Map Rose Gold which perfectly showcase a couples love for travel as well as each other.

Examples of the Scratch Map Designs Available

Regardless of whether you’re searching for the perfect gift for a foodie or those with a risqué sense of humour, there will be a Scratch Map that makes for the perfect gift in every instance.

Scratch Map Original

The design if the Scratch Map Original was first launched in 2009 and remains popular today. The white and gold design of the map is partnered with an abundance of information that delivers an immersive gift idea that looks great on display.

Scratch Map Ed Sheeran Edition

When it comes to music, you’d be hard-pressed to find some who isn’t impressed by the achievement of Ed Sheeran. More and more fans are looking for different ways to become familiar with the singer-songwriter, and the Scratch Map Ed Sheeran is the perfect gift idea in such instances.

Scratch Map Backpacker Edition

Despite the many benefits the Scratch Map can offer, the size required for some travels could be a little smaller, especially in instances where the person is going backpacking.

Fortunately, the Scratch Map range can cater to many different tastes and requirements, and this is made evident with the introduction of the Scratch Map Backpacker Edition.

Measuring a mere 42 x 29.7 cm, the Scratch Map Backpacker is much smaller than other Scratch Maps and comes complete with a bank map on the reverse to ensure notes and thoughts can be recorded with ease.

In addition to this, the Scratch Map Backpacker Edition also comes included with a copper drywipe markers, cloth and tote back to ensure that their little change of the Scratch Map Backpacker Edition to become crumpled during its travels.

Scratch Map Adventure Map

Those searching for the adventurous side of the Scratch Map Backpacker in a larger form factor need look no further than the Scratch Map Adventure Map.

The luxurious black and gold finish is partnered with over 280 detailed bucket list ideas that can be documented on the Scratch Map Adventure Map. Whether you’re looking for a gift for someone for a lust-for-life or a present for those on the fence about the holiday plans, then the Scratch Map Adventure Map is a worthwhile consideration.

Regardless of whether you’re looking for a brilliant birthday present or creative Christmas gift, the wide range of Scratch Maps ensure there is always a gift idea available for every event or occasion.