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The Types of Scratch Maps Available

As much of the popularity of the Scratch Map series is based on the various themes, those new to the world of Scratch Maps will be looking for some guidance as to what type of themes they can expect to find on

The following is an example of some of the fun and innovative Scratch Maps available.

Dedicated Scratch Maps for Continents and Countries
There are many Scratch Maps that detail the world, but some people may only want to focus on one area.

The reasons for this can be plentiful. For example, some may be learning about a specific continent in relation to their studies, while others may be keen to record their travels in the USA.

The Scratch Map Europe is great for those who are going backpacking in Europe, brushing up on their geography skills or just looking for a beautiful representation of their favourite continent.

Looking for a map that details the counties, islands, and bodies of water in the United Kingdom? Then the Scratch Map UK & Ireland can offer a the perfect way of doing this whilst ensuring that you still have a centrepiece for the home or office.

Or maybe you’re looking to backpack across the USA? Maybe you have children who can’t get enough of the country that brought them the magic of Marvel and Disney? can once again offer the perfect solution in the form of the Scratch Map USA, which not only details some of the natural wonders that can be found in various states, such as the Grand Canyon and Yosemite, it can also help relive those Vegas memories. That’s if you want to of course.

There are also details regarding state lines and even features Alaska and Hawaii.