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The World’s first Clear Scratch Off Map

One of the main reasons that the Scratch Off Map range is so popular is due to the abundance of different designs and themes available, and one of the most impressive Scratch Off Maps from an aesthetic point-of-view is the Scratch Off Map Clear.

Whereas other Scratch Off Maps often show a burst of colour when a foil panel is removed, the Scratch Off Map Clear is different in that the countries disappear as each panel is removed as the Scratch Off Map Clear is printed on clear acetate.

Features of the Scratch Off Map Clear

  • Transparent Scratch off Map
  • Destinations Disappear as They’re Scratched
  • Includes Clear Presentation Tube

Materials Used to Manufacture the Scratch Off Map Clear

  • Laminate
  • Acetate
  • Coloured Foil

Dimensions of the Scratch Off Map Clear

  • 82.5 x 59.4 cm

A Unique Take on the Classic Scratch Off Map Design

If you’ve given the gift of a Scratch Off Map before, you may be looking for something similar that offers something original in the process. The Scratch Off Map Clear is the perfect gift idea in this regard as it’s ideal for those that collect Scratch Maps, as well as those that are new to the world of Scratch Off Maps.

An Alternative Anniversary Gift

Finding a gift that’s original and personal for an anniversary can be difficult in some instances, but the use of the Scratch Off Map Clear can offer everything you’re looking for in relation to an anniversary gift, due to fact it can be personalised.

Couples that love to travel can update the map with all the destinations they’ve visited so far, leaving the ones that need to be explored. The Scratch Off Map Clear can then be updated over time that makes for a memorable keepsake with a difference.

A Great Way to Reveal a Holiday

The reveal of a holiday can be exciting, but those that are wanting to add an additional layer of excitement to their holiday can use the Scratch Off Map Clear as a fun and novel way of revealing the country where they will be visiting.

What’s more, the Scratch Off Map Clear can be used to document travels in the future and looks great on display, further adding to the experience.

The Scratch Off Map Clear is one of many inspired designs available in the Scratch Map range that make for original gift ideas.