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Track your Travel Adventures with a Personalized Scratch Map

The world is wide and full of magnificent and magical things and places to see and visit. This makes it the desire of everyone in modern times to travel to different places. People travel for various reason; some like to explore new places, breaking the monotony of your home town, and others due to their professional duties. Irrespective of the reason behind your travel, travellers cherish keeping track of places they have been as it reignites the wonderful experience they had away from home. If you are one of the travel freaks, nothing will add more excitement and fun to your adventures than a scratch map. It also makes a perfect gift for your friend who loves exploring the world.

scratch off world map

What is a Scratch off Map?

If you are a traveller or you have been to a geography class, then you definitely have an idea of what a map is. However, a scratch map is a lot more different from the mundane traditional map. A scratch map is a map template that is covered with a layer of foil print that can be scratched off to reveal different colours and details with a personalized feel, and offers a fun way to record your travel memories. It is a form of a travel diary that reminds you of different places you have visited and your adventures around the world in beauty and style. Our scratch maps come in different shape, colour, use and style.

Scratch off travel map

Maybe you have been to Africa for wild Safaris, to South America for a wine tasting tour in Mexico or Tatra Mountains in Slovakia and Poland. Our different sized and style scratch maps offers you a great way to track your travel and makes it easy to tell your travel tales, set your travel goals and discover places to go as well as learn geography. From Typogeography, Luxury to Rose Gold, we have a wide variety scratch maps style, size and class to choose from.

Our Variety of Scratch Maps

Scratch Map Backpacker – An on-the-go travel diary made of durable plastic, laminate and a colourful foil. It comes with a travel poach and a dry-wipe marker meaning you can go with in to the caves, up the mountain, game drive or to the beach. The all-weather scratch map also features the 7 wonders of the world and major airports.

Regional Maps – You can get one of our quality scratch maps for you specific region of interest. This includes the Scratch Map USA to record your satellite adventures and Scratch Map Europe to start of your Europe exploration. We also have the USA Deluxe, UK and Ireland version and the France scratch Poster with French text.

Choose Your Preferred Theme – Our scratch maps also comes in different themes such as the miniature Rose Gold Travel, the luxurious Platinum version, the Oceanic themed and the clear editions.

Functions – You can grab a more customized scratch map depending on your travel purpose. Choose among the Scratch Map Wild World, Capitals, Travelogue and Adventure journal among others.

Style and Size – If you would like an easy to hang scratch map, the magnetic hang model will work perfectly for you. We also offer the framed Original Travel, the Black Deluxe and the Typgeography with a premium finish. If you care about the size, go for the Deluxe XL, the Original Map XL and many other options for your needs.
Do not just move around; add a touch of memory and flair to your travel moments by keeping a track of your travel experience with one of our colourful scratch maps. It is affordable and fun.