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What Type of Map Poster Is Suitable for the Classroom?

There are many levels of learning to cater to in the classroom, and sometimes schools and education institutions may be looking to make use of the environment when reinforcing the children’s learning.

As such, the use of a map in the classroom can be a great way of ensuring that children are always learning, regardless of what activity the child is partaking in.

However, there can be times when teachers are looking for something that offers something that can be interacted with, which in turn will help pique the children’s interests.

The Scratch Map series has been popular since its launch back in 2009. Since this time, the Scratch Map has seen a series of introductions that are able to cater to all types of personalities, especially those of children.

Those looking for a map poster for the classroom will find that the Scratch Map range can offer everything they’re looking for thanks to an accurate representation of the world but can also offer a series of other benefits that just aren’t possible with other map posters.

The following is just an overview of some of the Scratch Maps available, and how they can benefit small minds becoming accustomed to the world.

Scratch Map Wild World

Children will see the world in different ways. Some may recognise the world as hosting their favourite theme parks, whereas others will recognise different countries because of the animals that reside there.

Regardless of whether you’re looking to ensure children become more accustomed to wildlife, the world or a little bit of both, the Scratch Map Wild World is the perfect addition to any classroom.

Measuring 82.5 x 59.4 cm, the Scratch Map Wild World is a map poster the uses animal icons to highlight different parts of the world.

There is also a fact sheet included the detail over 70 animals. As the foil panels can be removed, keeping track of the countries discussed so far is never a problem.

Scratch Map Hello

The Scratch Map Hello is another map poster for the classroom that offers educational value at different levels.

On the surface, the Scratch Map Hello is a visually appealing map made of light blue foil on gloss paper, but it has another trick up its sleeve, in that it details how to say hello in different parts of the world.

Although children may struggle with the more complex aspects of learning a new language, the Scratch Map Hello ensures that learning the basics is always fun.

Like other Scratch Maps in the series, the foil can be removed and can be displayed in the classroom with ease.

Scratch Map UK and Ireland

Sometimes, teachers may want to focus on destinations that are closer to home, and the Scratch Map UK and Ireland is the perfect map poster to achieve this.

The aesthetics of the map offer gold foil on a luxurious glossy paper that is also very robust. As well as detailing the different parts of the UK and Ireland, there are also details pertaining to counties and bodies of water.

Another appealing map poster for the classroom for those that don’t’ want to overwhelm children when it comes to learning about the world.

Scratch Map Ed Sheeran Edition

Sometimes, teachers will need to take a different approach when it comes to getting children interested in geography.

It’s understandable that some children will find the design of a conventional map boring, but the Scratch Map Ed Sheeran Edition shows just how exciting learning about the world can be,

The aesthetics of the map offer a striking black foil set against a luxurious blue background and even comes complete with a plectrum so the foil can be removed with ease.

As each foil panel is removed, the children can find out about some of the destinations that have helped the artist craft some of his biggest hits.

As well as becoming more familiar with the world, children can find out an abundance of facts regarding their favourite artist in the process.

Scratch Map Rainbow Edition

It’s not only the theme of the map that can lure children into learning about the world, but also the design.

As the name suggests, the Scratch Map Rainbow Edition has a focus on bursts of colour.

The map itself is printed on gloss laminate paper with a scratchable top layer. As each foil panel is removed, there is a burst of colour to help children become more immersed with the country in question.

This interactive map poster for the classroom also offers close-ups if the Caribbean and Europe and marks different capitals around the world.