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Need a world map for your travels? How about Scratch Map™ Travel!?

First thing’s first, if you’re going travelling there are a couple things you’re going need besides sun cream and bikinis. The first is a world travel map so you know where you are/where you’re going. As nice as it is, you don’t want to end up in Jersey, Channel Islands instead of New Jersey, USA…The second must-have travel item is a check-list of all the beautiful countries you’re going to visit/have visited along the way. Come Monday morning when you’re back in the office and those holiday blues really start to kick in, trust us, you’re going to need a pick me up in the form of a personalised map of your travel memories!


Scratch Map Travel EditionHere at Luckies HQ, we’ve decided to save you the hassle of taking both and have combined the two with our Luckies Scratch Map™ Travel! Allowing you to scratch off where you’ve been, you can keep a record of your travel adventures as you go and the end result? Well, by scratching off the gold foil map to reveal a range of different colours, you’ve created your very own personalized world travel map! Once you’re home, you can stick it up in you’re living room and impress everyone you have over for a cup of tea…“Oh you’ve been to Peru?”


What’s more, this scratch off world travel map is not our usual scratch map size. Much like the cute little travel toiletries section in Boots (so adorable), our Scratch Map™ Travel is compact and portable so it will free up valuable space in your suitcase / rucksack for the 15 pairs of shoes you plan on taking. Measuring in at 32.3 x 5.3 x 5.3 cm in its cardboard presentation tube and 29.7 x 42 cm rolled out flat, there’s no excuse not to take it with you, and scratch off the gold foil as you go!

Whether you’re planning on climbing Mount Kilimanjaro, scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, Australia or raving it up in Ibiza, our scratch off world travel map is the perfect travel companion for you and your wanderlust friends.