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4 travel maps perfect for any trip or adventure

People travel for all sorts of reasons. You could be looking for adventure, visiting relatives, or just trying to find a beach somewhere to get crispy whilst ignoring your work emails for a couple of weeks. It’s easier than ever now to jet off to wherever you want with a few clicks on your phone, a backpack, and sunnies you bought in the WH Smith at the airport. There are memories to be made, and whether you’re wanting to record all the places you’ve been, or give a gift that means your favourite jetsetter can, our original Scratch Map concept has been mutated into countless different varieties by our design team. Here are 4 perfect travel maps for any trip or adventure you’re planning…

If you’re planning a proper adventure, but need some ideas, the Adventure Map is perfect. Instead of being able to scratch the whole world, the map details 280 bucket list experiences that can be scratched as you make your way through them. From tiger spotting, to swimming with dolphins, The Great Wall to The Empire State Building; all the world’s great attractions are here for you to scratch off as you make your way across the planet.

If you’re looking for something a little more 3D to display your globetrotting, our Scratch Globe comes flatpacked (don’t worry, it isn’t a 3 hour Ikea situation), you assemble your globe, and are still able to scratch off your travels. Perfect size for a bookcase, or for hanging in a nursery.

There are a lot of words you should learn in the language of the country you’re visiting; “please”, “thank you”, “Is that poisonous?“, possibly to be followed by “Where is the nearest hospital?”. A good place to start when trying to communicate with locals is “Hello”. The Scratch Map Hello edition features the word for Hello in 190 countries, so never again find yourself doing that thing where you speak English really loud and wave your arms about. Nobody wants to tell that traveller where the hospital is…

If you’re too impatient to wait until you get back from your travels to scratch your map, the Scratch Map Travel edition might be the one for you. A scaled down version of our other maps, which means it’s easier to carry around with you and scratch as you go, although we hope you wouldn’t forget where you’d been as soon as you get home.