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Need A Trusted Companion On Your Travels? Get This Map

Do you often find yourself standing alone on an airport with not a friend in sight? Are your friends always backing out of their promises to go on a globetrotting adventure with you? If you are spending more time trying to convince your couch potato friends to go on a trip with you rather than actually spending time on planning, then we you most definitely need some new friends. Obviously, that is easier said than done but we can offer you the next best thing to accompany you on your travels around the globe. And we promise, it will never leave your side. We are talking about a map!

Your New Friend

Scratch Map Travel: We understand the need of finding something friendly or familiar in an unknown land, far away from family and that’s why this travel map will be the perfect answer. This is not just any map, it is a scratch off map by none other than Luckies of London. Scratch Map Travel will be your loyal faithful chum always on your side as you go on your globetrotting adventures. Some of its key features are as below:

Scratch Map Travel Edition

White & Gold Map

This travel map of 42 x 29.7 cm comes neatly rolled in a sturdy gift tube so that you can just dump it in your suitcase and be on your merry adventure. The underlay of this map is made of white glossy laminate with gold foil overlay, creating a simplified scratch off map.

travel map tube

Colourful Map Underneath

Using a coin or any sharp metal object or even your fingertip, you ca scratch off the top layer to reveal beautiful colours filling the countries underneath along with other topographic details. They stand out nicely against the white background.

State Lines Included: For the more particular globetrotter, this scratch off map comes with USA and Australian state lines marked as well as Canadian provinces demarcation.

Flip Over For More Fun: Of course, the awesomeness is not over. You will find a blank world map along with other interesting things once you flip the travel map over. You can plot your journey or doodle anything else you feel like on this blank canvas. Other things included are:

  • Take silly photos before and after the trip.
  • Learn some travel etiquette’s.
  • Note down your favorite sound track on the trip and many other things.

Summary: Scratch Map Travel will be your faithful travel buddy as you go on your globetrotting adventures.