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Travel Scratch Map Collection

We feel like we have seen all of the World in movies but then we are here to experience all 5 senses not just sight. My Dad used to say ” you’ll get square eyes looking at the screen all day ” I am glad we were forced out to play. Made me adventurous. My Dad is like a World Scratch map. ”

Go on get out and enjoy yourself”. With this great map collection you will be inspired to create your own personalized ultimate and unique travel experience sensations. The best way to feel it is to do it. Don’t sit crossed legged under a tree all your life, you may get enlightenment but you didn’t taste it, or feel it.

With the Travel Map by your side, you will have saw and heard everything and written down to share and remember the great journey across the globe. All Scratch Maps are presented in an easy to carry matching themed travel tube, for easy portable access to roll in and out as you travel, Indiana Jones style.

Scratch Map Travel Edition Original

The Travel size Scratch Map of the World original is the same as the poster size but smaller to fit in your luggage. The tantalising original will really wake up your senses and travel bug within, with it’s crisp white background and gold foiled covered countries, waiting to be discovered.
If you are new to globe trotting then why not start with the ancient 7 wonders of the world. Or the 7 wonders known for remarkable constructions, in Peru, Brazil, China, India, Jordan, Italy and Mexico. In fact we now have a foundation dedicated to new 7 wonders of the world, like 7 wonder cities, or the 7 nature wonders like the Amazon Rain Forest and Table Mountain. Or better still, make your own personalised plans with the original travel scratch map, create your own 7 wonders, on the reverse of the map with a grid laid out world map to draw your route and write down those must see landmarks. Then scratch off the gold foil to reveal the exciting wonders and a colourful and sensational journey will appear before your eyes. Don’t just wonder about it, wonder around it !

Scratch Map USA Travel Edition

Let the USA travel Scratch Map seduce you to follow the sound of country and western, and the sight of the vast plains stretching out like the continual rolling globe, heat rising like smoke, the bright red sky on the horizon beckons you into the little town with the tumble weed and the Whistle Stop Cafe. Mmm I can smell them fried green tomatoes already ! See we already have the memory of the great U S of A from movies and music across the generations, but now we want to experience it, and no better way than to plan and map out your road trip of a lifetime than with the USA travel scratch map, it allows you to draw up your route, be it 66 or the best of the US Express, it will take you through it state by state driving through abandoned landscapes, rocky mountains, and historical monuments like crazy horse. Don’t be the coward of the county, you will be amazed at your personalised travel experience when you see the colours revealed on your map as you scratch away the stars and stripes revealing this incredible journey.

Scratch Map Travel Deluxe Edition

Travel 1st class with this premier finish travel Scratch Map Deluxe. Experience a hands on planner to take you from place to place, roll out your map as you wait for tea to be served on the orient express. Write down your must see and do things in Paris or Venice, then reveal the detail as you scratch off the copper foil covered countries show casing your journey on the luxury black laminate travel map. This smaller version of the full size deluxe map is easy to take on trips and durable enough to take in and out of the scroll tube as often as you like to record your travels. It features added detail along the bottom with useful information to help guide and plan with colour and number coded countries and continents. If you are interested in facts and want to visit the highest summits or fish in the largest lakes then the deluxe map will be your guide and journal wherever you go and however you get there be sure to do it in style.