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Cool kitchen gifts for 2014

Kitchenware poster by Pop Chart Lab

The kitchen is one of the most high traffic areas in your home. Getting the right type of kitchen equipment can make a big difference. This is exactly the reason why kitchen presents can always be a great call. What are the cool kitchen gifts for this year?


Jumbo the elephant is a great product that can be used either in your home’s bathroom or in the kitchen. Available in two different colors, you can choose either you want it to be cream or grey. Jumbo the Elephant is made of 100% plastic. In terms of aesthetics, Jumbo is a great sight to see in these parts of the house. It becomes handy in these parts of the house as you can easily organize all the clutter. It can be used to keep all the utensils without consuming so much space.


For someone who appreciates the art of presenting the food in a very creative manner, the Cucumbo is a perfect gift. Cucumbo is a spiral slicer that makes your cucumber look good. Made of 100% acrylic materials, this product is also easy to use. In fact, all that you need to do is to push the vegetable into the plastic blade and let Cucumbo do its magic. It is designed to make a continuous slice spiral to your vegetables.

Fried Egg Cup

The Fried Egg Cup is a great addition to the kitchen not only because of its rare appearance, but also because of its functionality. In terms of functionality, the Fried Egg Cup provides room for bread and other breakfast essentials. It has a place specifically for a hard boiled egg. And as for the overall shape, it was designed to be quirky, making it a great overall present.

Hug Doug

Hug DougIf you plan of making soup, or anything that involves a large pot, let Hug Doug be a good addition to your tools. This product is a great addition as it solves a problem commonly encountered by people who love to cook. Ever encountered your utensils heading straight down the pot? In these instances, this may be a hassle since you will have to clean the utensils again. This is something time consuming. For someone who wants to solve this minor problem, let Hug Doug be the best answer to this. Shaped like a human being hugging on your spoon, this product, this product makes it fun to cook.

Kitchenware Art Print Journal

From the makers of the popular posters, now, you can get a great kitchen companion in the form of the Kitchenware Art Print Journal. With 200 kitchen utensils, you can easily identify these items without a problem. This is a great gift for aspiring chefs or to those people who are very interested in cooking. From mandolins to ramekins, learn each and every one of them with this quirky print journal from Pop Chart Lab.