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The Scratch Map Travel Edition

The Scratch Map Travel Edition

The Scratch Maps are specially designed in a way that the globetrotter finds it easy to carry this miniature map with him instead of carrying the large sized globe or the world maps which are quite hard to carry. The success of all the other versions of the scratch map gave an intuitive to design another form of scratch map which is the Scratch Map Travel Edition, having the equal capability to help the travellers. This small sized map is as helpful plus attractive as its predecessors. If you are interested in travelling or any of your friends who loves travelling, Scratch Map travel size, specifically created with the aim of fulfilment accomplishes its tasks very well.

The Facility of Being Compact

The compact and easy to carry map simply gets adjusted in your backpack without covering a large space. The innovative idea of creating the travel size scratch map is extremely helpful for those who spend most of their time in exploring different parts of the world. Likewise the larger versions, the travel size map gives you the opportunity to customize it according to your requirement.

Nothing could be more feasible for a traveller to keep the record of your travel history, than a handy size scratch able map. You can scratch off the top foil layer and the map will get you to know all the geographical details which are hidden under the Scratch Map in a very colourful pattern.

It should be noticeable that despite its size, the scratch map travel edition is all in one package, giving you all what you expect from a perfect companion all the way through your journey. The decision is up to you now, whether you want to carry a large sized scratch map or the handy and useful travel size edition of the scratch map.

Characteristics of the renowned Scratch Map Travel Edition

  • A customized map showing the entire world in your hand
  • The compressed size makes it easy to carry
  • Scratching it off exposes vivid and vibrant coloured countries.
  • Quite feasible for a globe trotter
  • A compact weight of just 112g.
  • An accurate reminder of your travel history.