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Top unusual gifts for men of 2014

Top unusual gifts for men of 2014

Unusual gifts for menThroughout the year, how many times do you have to buy presents for men? If you want something that is memorable, why not have something that is unique? Unusual presents can tend to get more attention. This is also a good thing, especially when you want to tickle their funny bones. A lot of the unusual gifts sold in the market today can easily be appreciated by people with a good sense of humour. Aside from the fact that these unusual gifts can tend to be funny, it is also possible for these items to be functional. For those looking to update their list of top unusual gifts for men of 2014, these products can easily give you an idea.

USB Portable Shaver

Men need to stay sharp and neat. Whether a professional or a student, it is imperative to have a look that is always clean. If you have a brother, a father or a significant other who is always on the go, a good gift to present to them is a USB portable shaver. This doesn’t need a plug or any complication. This can be charged to any laptop or PC. Once the battery has been charged, they can use the product anywhere they may be.

Leather Vintage iPad Case

Men need portable devices. An iPad is a must for some men due to work or for other reasons. What makes iPads a hassle is the fact that they can still be products that won’t be able to last without any sort of protection. The good thing with an iPad case is that it can protect the gadget. Other than protecting the gadget, it is also possible to look presentable for cases. One of the top gifts for men of 2014 would have to be the vintage, hipster inspired designs in the market today.

Travel Diaries

TravelogueMen in general love travelling and adventure. In order to guide them for their Asian or Euro tour, why not give a Travelogue which includes mini Scratch Maps? These features can make men geographically aware where they are. With sufficient pages, a presentable appearance, and a scratch map to top it all of, this is a present that can be a good buy for the whole year.

Solar Powered Charger

When you have devices that can easily be drained, it is a good idea to have a charger that can easily power the gadgets. With the solar powered charger, it is possible to power your phone, tablet and other gadgets anywhere you may be. This solar powered charger functions by receiving energy from the solar panels. It then charges the battery of the gadgets.

There are different considerations when choosing unusual gifts. You need to understand that there are a number of options for you to choose from. You may want to look at the occupation, the interest and the lifestyle of the person you are giving a gift to. Since these presents are considered unusual, it may not sit well with everyone. You need to know the person who you give the gift to in order to not make a mistake.