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3 must have World Map posters

Scratch off world map poster

We all know someone who seems to be forever in perpetual motion. Never standing still, always traveling to the next city, country, continent. Every true globetrotter needs their own definitive world map poster on their wall at home. They need world map posters to plan their next trip, to quickly look up countries and their distance from home and as a constant reminder of how much of the globe is left undiscovered to them. Here are 3 must have world map posters.

1. Scratch Map XL

Our original and first Scratch Map poster in an extra large edition. Make a feature of one of your walls with this supersized map, allowing for even more detail and interaction. Like all of our Scratch Maps you can scratch off where you’ve been revealing vibrant colored countries below. When it comes to world maps, some people think the bigger the better and this would certainly make an excellent map for gathering round with traveling buddies or a loved one to plan your next big trip. An excellent travel gift and would make a huge statement on any wall.

World Map Poster with countries

2. Scratch Map Deluxe Travel

The Scratch Map Deluxe is a more stylish version of our Original Scratch Map poster with copper foil on a jet black background. This travel sized edition is the perfect world map poster for globetrotters who may not be coming home between trips and want to keep track of their journey on the move. Comes in a sturdy tube small enough to fit into a suitcase or backpack. Both the Scratch Map Deluxe Travel and Scratch Map Deluxe include fascinating infographics and geographical information along the bottom revealing interesting facts about the land, oceans and mountains.

Scratch Map Travel Deluxe Edition

3. Scratch Map Oceans

If your interest in traveling and geography is not just restricted to the land but also the Ocean, then this stunning scale world map poster is a must-have. A beautiful scratch map printed on clear acetate and featuring in-depth detail of the world’s oceanography. If you know someone who’s about to embark on a big traveling adventure then this would make the perfect traveling gift for them.

World Ocean Map Poster