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3 World maps every globetrotter should own

Yes, we get it you’re a globetrotter. We know you’ve had plenty of eye-opening experiences, eaten copious amounts of exotic food (followed by hugging copious amounts of toilet bowls) and had millions of ‘self-discovery’ moments.

You’ve scaled mountains, sailed across oceans and trekked across deserts. Your Instagram is covered in famous landmarks and your Twitter is positively multilingual. But do you remember every single country you’ve visited? Every state in the USA that you ate a burger in? If the answer is no, you need one of our Scratch MapWorld Map posters.

Allowing you to remove the foil from or mark each country or state as visited, our world maps let you record all your geographical conquests and will have you re-telling the stories until you’re old and senile. Our collection has grown considerably since we first released the Scratch Map™ Original world map poster in 2009, so we’ve narrowed it down to the top three world maps we think every globetrotter should own below.

1. Scratch Map™ USA Travel

There are a lot of states in the United States. Fifty to be exact. That is a lot of burgers/hot dogs/Twinkies to remember eating, so let us help with our Scratch Map™ USA Travel. This map of the USA is small enough to throw in your suitcase so you can remove the foil from each state as you go, but big enough that you can record your stateside adventures in detail.

2. Stamp Map™

Now, even globetrotters have places they still want to visit. With our Stamp Mapworld map poster, X marks the spot. Including two brass stamps with red and black ink pads, mark where you want to go with an ‘X’ and mark where you’ve been with a ‘Visited.’ There’s even space for you to write the date you visited too.

3. Scratch Map™ Hello

It’s safe to say that Brits don’t have the best reputation abroad, but you can change that with the help of our Scratch Map™ Hello world map poster. Learn how to say hello in over 190 countries so you can never be accused of being unwilling to learn the local language again. Not only will you learn how to greet the locals in dozens of languages, the bright neon colours will liven up any space you decide to hang it.