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5 map of the world posters every traveller should have

World poster map

If you love to travel, then you’re probably no stranger to maps. From your city A-Z’s to your ordnance surveys and beyond. But not all maps are equal, some maps are vastly more beautiful, more interactive, more scratchable. These are the map of the world posters we specialize in and these are the maps for people whose passion is traveling. In particular, here are 5 map of the world posters every traveller should have.

1. Scratch Map Original

Our original and first world map poster which started it all back in 2010. A detailed map of the world with countries, printed with gold foil so you can scratch off where you’ve been. Create the ultimate record of your traveling experiences across the globe.

The Scratch Map

2. Scratch Map Travel

Our Scratch Map Original in a travel sized edition. The perfect map of the world poster for the traveller who wants to take their map with them as an interactive travel record. Small and light, this map rolls up into a sturdy tube small enough to fit in a backpack or suitcase. Perfect for a gap year adventure.

Scratch Map Travel poster

3. Scratch Map Deluxe

Our most detailed and most stylish world map poster. Printed on beautiful sleek black paper with copper foil, this map of the world poster makes an impressive statement on any wall and makes a great travel gift.

4. Scratch Map XL

If you’re looking for a map to help you plan your next globetrotting expedition, this is the one. When it comes to crowding round with your fellow explorers to plot your route, the bigger the better, and at A0 size, there’s plenty of room on this extra large map of the world for detail.

Scratch Map XL edition

5. Scratch Map Platinum

A luxurious map of the world poster for the truly travel obsessed. Whether you travel for work or pleasure, the Scratch Map Platinum is an addictive hobby. Printed with a shimmering metallic ink and featuring a top layer of platinum silver foil, this world map poster features spaces for ownership info, a set of icon stickers and a high quality scratch coin.

Scratch Map Platinum map