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The coolest Scratch off Map, Scratch map Platitnum edition!

Introducing; the coolest Scratch off Map, Platinum edition! Map addicts, budding cartographers and the travel obsessed, this is the ultimate must-have map of the world for you. Our most Luxurious scratch off map to date, the Scratch Map Platinum is one glorious world map poster designed for those who enjoy the finer things in life.

The Scratch Map Platinum offers all the features of our Scratch Map Original:

  • Scratchable map of the world.
  • Scratch off where you’ve been to reveal vibrant colors underneath.
  • Features global facts, figures and travel tips.

Scratch Map Platinum showing China

But the Scratch Map Platinum also offers so much more:

  • Printed with a shimmering metallic ink and featuring a top layer of platinum silver foil that you can remove to record where you’ve been.
  • Comes with a high quality scratch coin.
  • Also includes a set of icon stickers for marking significant places.
  • Features spaces for ownership info.

Detailed geographical map showing South AfricaNorth Atlantic ocean, Spain, Portugal and Algeria on map

The world’s most unique personalized map

There has never been a more personalizeable map. This world map poster can be used to make the ultimate record of your travel adventures across the globe. You can use the icon stickers to mark out the routes you travelled, whether you travelled by air, boat, train, favorite spots along the way and so much more. So you will never forget the details of every special trip and can enjoy recounting stories of your travels to friends using your map to illustrate.

Map showing Asia, Indian Ocean and Australia

Create your own travel bucket list

The Platinum Scratch Map will fast become an addictive hobby for whoever owns it. The ultimate bucket list that will soon find you making up any excuse to visit the farthest corners of the globe, just so you can scratch it off. You have always wanted to go Papua New Guinea right?

This personalized world map comes complete with space to include ownership information (just in case anyone tries to lay claim to your hard earned scratches!) and would make a fantastic travel gift for the discerning globetrotters in your life. If they’re more into jet setting than back packing, this luxuriously stylish world map poster will make a fitting gift, one they’ll be proud to show off to friends.