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The ideal gift for the intrepid traveler

If you’re looking for the ideal gift for the intrepid traveler, your search is over. The Scratch Map Travel is a unique map of the world that every globetrotter must have. This compact, scratch off, world map poster would make the ideal birthday or Christmas gift for any self confessed travel junkie.

If you know someone who’s forever expanding their horizons, exploring the unknown, venturing to the deepest, darkest corners of our Earth, then they would absolute love this travel sized version of our first Scratch Map Original. Containing the same level of detail as it’s larger cousin, this map of the world poster is printed with a top layer of gold foil for them to scratch off the countries they have visited, revealing the vibrant colors and detail underneath, and thus creating their very own personalized travel record. And once they’re done scratching, the map rolls up into it’s handy travel sized tube, ready to be slung in their backpack and journey on to their next destination.

Scratch Map Travel Edition

Not just a gift for fearless globetrotters though, the Scratch Map Travel would also make an excellent Xmas gift for your brother or sister who’s always jet setting across continents for work. They may be more used to swanky hotel rooms than hostels and dirt trails, but they’ll still enjoy recording their trips and counting the countries they’ve managed to scratch off as they go.

Scratch Map travel itinerary

The Scratch Map Travel was born because so many people loved our bestselling Scratch Map Original but wanted to be able to take it with them on their travels, to record their trips as they went. So we decided to make this more practical sized version; small enough to fit in a suitcase but still large enough to contain all the detail you need.

Scratch Map Travel Tube

So if you’re looking for Christmas gift ideas for him or for her, get them one of these maps, or anything from our Scratch Map Range, and start making travel plans together. Suddenly a map of the world poster becomes the perfect romantic Christmas gift when it comes with the promise of all the traveling adventures you want to share together.