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Scratch Map Original in detail

Our first, original and (some say) the best scratch map; Scratch Map Original. Since the invention of our first ever scratch map back in 2009 there have been many different reincarnations of our now famous world map poster, but we still have a soft spot for our first edition. Even now, the Scratch Map Original is our bestselling product and has been gifted to young and old all over the world, adorning many bedroom walls and inspiring intrepid globetrotters.

The Scratch Map Original map is printed on laminate and features a gold foil top layer, which means that once a country has been visited, the traveller gets to remove the gold foil layer to reveal beautifully vibrant colors and detail beneath including amazing acts about our world. The Original also includes US and Australian State lines and Canadian provinces and territories so you can be precise about which places you can scratch off!

Our scratch off map of the world poster makes a wonderful travel gift for any occasion; a christmas gift for your jet setting son who travels for work, a traveling gift for a gap year student, a retirement gift for your Dad who’s intent on seeing more of the world now he has all that free time. Whatever the occasion, our Scratch Map Original makes a unique and thoughtful gift.

Personalize your scratch map to create your own personal travel record by scratching off the countries you have visited. Frame your map and hang it on the wall to show off how well travelled you are, or hang it somewhere prominent to provide constant inspiration for future trips. Not just an interactive map but a beautiful work of art and personal travel story.

Imitation is the sincerest form of flattery and, as with all great inventions, the Scratch Map Original has it’s fake copycats. Don’t be duped into buying a poor quality imitation but ensure you buy the real deal from us here at Luckies. That way you can guarantee you are getting a beautiful map made with passion by our award winning design team; made with the finest quality products; with maximum integrity. After all, we invented the concept and we pour more love and passion into each and every scratch map we make than our imitators could gather in a lifetime!