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Scratch Map of the world XL edition

Scratch map poster

The Scratch Map of the world XL edition is the ultimate world map. Whether you’re map enthusiasts like us or looking for something to help you plan your upcoming trip or to record your globetrotting adventures; this is the map for you. There has never been a bigger, more detailed, more interactive map of the world for you to own.

The Scratch Map XL’s main features include:

  • XL version of Scratch Map Original World Map Poster. (Our first ever Scratch Map which stated our whole Scratch Map Range back in 2010.)
  • Removable gold foil with vibrant color and details beneath allowing you to track your trip.
  • High quality gloss finish.
  • Features global facts, figures and travel tips.
  • Made in the UK.
  • Material: paper, laminate and colored foil.
  • Dimensions: 84 x 119 x 0.2 cm.

If you’ve just come back from a big trip across the globe and you’re looking for the ultimate personal record of your travels for you to keep and reminisce over, then this is the perfect map of the world for doing just that.

World map poster large

Use a coin to scratch off the gold foil of the countries you have visited and reveal the vibrant colors underneath. Then hang it on your wall at home so you can show off to visitors about how well travelled you are, or as a constant reminder to yourself of how much of the world there is left for you to discover.


Create your visual globetrotting adventures with this large world map

Perhaps you travel the world for work, or are a professional globetrotter who’s always off on their next exotic holiday, then you need the Scratch Map XL to tick off the countries you’ve visited as you go. It makes it much easier to pin point your next undiscovered target on the map.


Giant world map, the ideal gift

As far as maps go, the sheer size and beautiful colors of this map of the world make it an impressive feature of any wall and is the reason why so many people love giving our Scratch Map XL as a traveling gift or house warming gift to friends and family.

Plan trips by scratching off the foil

If you’re looking to plan your next traveller experience or are off on a gap year with friends then the Scratch Map XL is the perfect size for gathering round to discuss and plot your next trip.

World map poster