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scratchable personalized map of the world

If you want to be totally creative and do not like following the same travel patterns as many tourist hot spots or package holidays and you want to create your own personalized map of the world to plan and record and look amazing on the wall, then you will need to start with a blank canvas.

Corkboard Map of the World
The blank canvas is actually a cork cut out of the countries and islands of the world with strong sticky backing for you to arrange on the wall. Arrange the map leaving space for the 5 oceans and 7 seas around to create the perfect globe to be traveled, discovered and to record your own personal journey the way you want to. Attach photographs to the cork of your ski holiday to Canada or wine tasting in France and build a portfolio and collage of travel memories bringing your wall to life.
From an artistic point of view the cork map would look great in a framed white board and also allow you to move to other walls and give you the added benefit of doodle space to write notes and travel plans. This is a great gadget to get the kids involved in to learn more about geography and culture as you get them to find out about places and add them along the outlines of the countries and get them hungry for travel.
Plan holidays and getaways from it all with the blank cork map as your starter to create your very own piece of personalized map of the world must see and do, and then record, with each trip adding a little more color and interest to your wall.
Dream less and plan big on your very own must do map, that makes a beautiful gift with 16 country pieces and 16 pins and presented in a natural card box with lid and outlined drawing of the world map.