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The Ultimate Travel Bucket list

Have you ever watched one of those travel documentaries and wished you had seen more of the world before you got too comfortable on your sofa? Well, it’s never too late to start a travel bucket list. We’ve all seen those Facebook memes telling us to live each day as if it’s our last, or do things now as there may not be a later! And we’ve all read the tear jerking Instagram post from the dying man urging us to seize the day and see the world before it’s too late. Yes, we all know deep down we should be going out there and doing it and seeing it and seizing it all, in theory. But sometimes you just need a little encouragement before you take that leap. We’ve got just the inspiration you need with our Adventure Map; the ultimate travel bucket list.

The Adventure Map is a scratch map which includes over 300 must-do bucket list travel experiences for you to complete. Create your own personalized travel record by scratching off the bucket list activities as you have completed them. Wherever you’re traveling to, from Sweden to Brazil, you can find a not to be missed, once in a lifetime experience to tick off with the help of the 150 page travel guide booklet included.

So whether your travels are taking you to Africa, Asia, Australasia, Europe, USA, or South America, the Adventure Map will tip you off on things to eat and drink, incredible sightseeing stops, extreme sports, exciting experiences and lots more.

If you’re traveling to Chile for example, you could visit the Marble Caves or the Valdivian Rainforest while you’re there. Or if it’s Norway you’re visiting then it will tell you not to miss the Northern Lights, or to take a detour to Svalbard to try and spot a Polar Bear!

The Adventure Map makes a stunning gift for someone who loves to travel, with it’s gold foil on beautiful matte black paper it will look great on any wall. Experiences are categorized by nature, culture, activity and cuisine.