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The world’s most unique collection of personalized maps

The Earth is a huge place. The only way you can really see it all at once is from space or by gazing in wonder at a world map. We have a passion for maps and have made it our mission to curate the world’s most unique collection of personalized maps.

Scratch Map Original

We’re very proud of our collection of beautiful world maps which begins with our first map; Scratch Map Original. A world map poster with gold foil which allows you to scratch off where you’ve been, revealing vibrant colors underneath. The perfect way to make a personal travel record of your trip from the States across Europe or all the way to Africa. Or simply to just keep track of how much more of the world you have left to see. Comes in three size; the Original, Scratch Map XL and Scratch Map Travel Edition.

Scratch off personalized map of the world

Scratch Map Clear

Our Scratch Map Clear is indeed a unique world map in that it is printed on clear acetate, meaning that whatever background you hang it on will show through. And if that wasn’t cool enough; when you scratch off the countries you’ve visited, they disappear leaving only the outline.

Clear scratch off personalized map of the world

Scratch Map Deluxe

Our Scratch Map Deluxe is our most stylish and most detailed map. Printed on gorgeous matte finish black paper with copper foil, this map definitely has a luxurious feel to it. Scratch off the countries you’ve visited to reveal the stunning colors underneath. You can choose to have this map pre mounted and framed with our Framed Scratch Map Deluxe.

Scratch Map Oceans

The oceans that cover this Earth are just as fascinating as the land and this map acknowledges that. This scale map features in depth detail about the world’s oceanography along with detailed geographical information about the land and mountains.

Scratch Map USA

The United States is a big place rich in tourist destinations to visit and things to do and see, which is why we’ve dedicated a whole scratch map to it. This colorful map is the perfect travel record if you’re going the distance and making your way all across the continent.